After studying in Rome for my BA I moved first to Berlin and then to Manchester, where I graduated from the MA in Arts Management, Policy and Practice with a dissertation focusing on public policy and governmentality in the context of the culture-led regeneration of a specific Mancunian district. Later I worked for the Manchester Histories Festival, writing the Evaluation Report for the 2014 edition.

Subsequently I moved to Leipzig where I lived and work until last June when I relocated to Amsterdam to start my PhD at the Amsterdam School for Heritage, Memory and Material Culture. My research project explores the concept of ‘city as archive’ of traumatic/contested histories. I am interested in examining if and how curating urban heritage can be mobilized to unsettle post-conflictual representations of the present and to counteract compulsive place-making and the enclosure of space typical of heritagization processes. I will observe how the museum and newer, temporary or grassroots initiatives differently engage with the museal form to exhibit and engender alternative visions of the urban. Finally, the category of refusal as both subject of analysis and as method, will inform my attempt at theorizing a curatorial strategy which, by critically engaging with different conceptualizations of ‘curing/curating’, aims at interfering with the form of the city, giving way to spaces of ‘permeable corporeity’.



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