In 2012 I finished my BA in liberal arts, with a major in art history, theology and philosophy at University College Roosevelt (NL). After my graduation I travelled for a year in New Zealand. Upon my return to Europe I started a BA in conservation/restoration of heritage with a specialization in the treatment of wooden and ethnographic objects at Antwerp University (BE), where I also finished my Master’s in the same subject in 2017.
From my background as a conservator I am interested in the preservation of cultural heritage in the practical sense. However, during my practical training I also became concerned with the ‘why’-questions related to conservation – why do we conserve certain heritage, with which motives and where does the conservation of it take us? – this has brought me to the field of critical heritage studies.
Via volunteering projects during my studies and holidays, I have been involved with work in refugee camps and in projects concerned with nature conservation. With my research within the CHEurope project, I will have the opportunity to combine these personal interests with my academic background.

During my time at UCL in London I will focus on heritage and climate change as part of ‘Work package 1 – Theorizing heritage futures in Europe: heritage scenarios’. The project will be concerned with the creation of a comparative framework of the ways in which heritage agencies respond to climate change. With climate change affecting heritage at multiple scales, heritage agencies which are concerned with the conservation of it will need to respond and adapt their strategies accordingly to these (possible future) threats and consequences caused by this global phenomenon. Besides the direct practical protection of heritage these reactions can also come in different forms, such as awareness campaigns, building resilience within the organization, or actions related to more indirect consequences of climate change, e.g. shifting social structures within the heritage community.

Contact: j.ammerveld@ucl.ac.uk

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